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  Durga Viswanath, born on June 01, 1987 showed her unique talent in music at the very tender age of two. Hailing from a traditionally music loving family, it was an added advantage that her mother Smt. Shylaja Viswanath, who is an expert singer of lullabies; devotional songs; Konkani Bhajans etc., Durga was fortunate enough to live under an atmosphere of unadulterated pure music.

Having said so, it was Mr. M D Viswanath, Durga’s father, who was instrumental in spotting the inherent qualities with in her and that he took the earnest step to nurture those talent at the very early stage itself. Further, if mythology is to be believed, both Durga and her mother were born on the auspicious star “Swathi” which is believed to be a music-oriented star. Myth and belief apart, there is no doubt that it is her strong desire, self belief and of course, the had work put in, today at the adolescent age of 17, she enthralls the audience through her immaculate music talents.                                          more...

Durga Viswanath  

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